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November 30 , Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast. April 30 , March 31 , June 21 , Neverwinter Nights. Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Udrentide. Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark. Jade Empire. April 12 , Mass Effect. November 20 , Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Nintendo DS. September 25 , Mass Effect Galaxy. June 22 , Dragon Age: Origins.

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Xbox , Playstation 3 , Microsoft Windows. Mass Effect 2. January 26 , Dragon Age II. It is incredibly annoying. I'm having quite a few problems with the games on Windows 7.

I hope this kind of things gets resolved in the future. I was just experiementing.

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I started up a game that used to work perfectly well a couple of weeks ago. It minimized to the task bar and wouldn't come back up. I then closed all firefox browsers. The game then worked perfectly. Try this. Re:Game keeps minimizing itself by bmn on Jun 23, 10 PM. Hello, I 've had basically the same problem as you. Hope 'll help someone.

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Re:Game keeps minimizing itself by dotk88 on Aug 8, 10 PM. My games just started doing this now and I have Windows Vista.

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Is there a solution? Re:Game keeps minimizing itself by lglduck8 on Oct 25, 10 PM. Same problem here too, I am running a Dell with Vista and these games did work on my laptop at one time. Seems like last 6 months or so they started doing this annoying minimizing thing.

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Try what I did this is for vista, but setting will probably be the same for Windows 7 and XP 1 Go to your game itself. Re:Game keeps minimizing itself by weeharleyboy on Oct 30, 10 AM. It helps if you leave something running in the background, don't minimise it. I just leave the forum page up! It seems to work for me. Re:Game keeps minimizing itself by mossih on Nov 2, 10 PM.

The culprit is "Desktop composition" under the compatibility tab.

I checked this box on all of mine and it worked great. You have to do it on the application itself which is set as a hidden file. To see it: go to the game folder, hit Alt, then select tools then folder options then under the view tab select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives. When you launch the game, the theme will set to windows basic, but will come back once you exit the game.

Running Vista Ultimate x NovaNeethling Sea Anemone 1 Posts. Hey , im running on Windows 7 Ulitmate X64 and a few weeks ago my games runned fine , and all of the sudden all my games keeps in minimizing and windows keeps on changing my tasks Need help! Any Qlues. I was also having this problem. As soon as I closed Firefox, the game ran perfectly.

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Saerasong Sea Anemone 1 Posts. Reanzer wrote: Try what I did this is for vista, but setting will probably be the same for Windows 7 and XP 1 Go to your game itself. Re:Game keeps minimizing itself by mrronn on Aug 6, 11 AM. For those of you who haved found some success, congratulations. When something suddenly changes, underline 'suddenly', I would look at the operating system. BTW, none of the above approaches worked for me.

wegoup777.online/para-caminar-excepto-comentariotetera.php Still no success. So I am at a loss. Did Bigfish have something to do with this? I will ask them. For now, the only option I can see is to delete the game and reinstall it. Too bad for me because I was near the end. I run Win7 Home and have played the game once already. Good luck to those still having the problem. Re:Game keeps minimizing itself by mrronn on Aug 6, 11 PM. Big Fish has a new game manager now and the problem seems to have been caused by the old manager. I discovered this by deleting the game and reinstalling.