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Slow on large files. Pablo Bianchi's Experience. Platforms: Linux; Windows; Mac unofficial. License: Free and Open Source. Unsupported Mac version does not work. Simple GUI. Program opens slow on Windows.

Diff Tools on macOS

Three-way compare. No option to compare individual rows horizontally. More than two different folders can be compared. Windows support lacking. No portable version available.

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Fast on Linux. Cannot block-merge diffs.

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Comparing two or more different folders is supported. File and Text filter. Easy to use and visually appealing. Supports some simple version control actions. Three way comparisons. Recommend My Rec ommendation for Beyond Compare. My Recommendation for Beyond Compare. Intuitive compare UI. Paid proprietary software. Mike's Experience. Platforms: Windows; Mac; Linux.

License: Proprietary. Has rules for adding ignore-masks and replacement rules. Shows empty areas. CuriousGilgamesh's Experience. Supports comparing folders. Limited file size.

Beyond Compare

Yves Goergen's Experience. Supports binary comparison, both for checking if files are the same, but also in side-by-side hex-editor mode. Greymont's Experience. Cross platform. Synchronize folders. Can compare remote directories. Syntax highlighting. Works well with large files. Powerful FTP features. Can compare file by date, size and crc.

Can be used to compare image files. Customer Service is awesome and easy to work with. Lots of useful hotkeys. Table compare. Folder comparison features and options are very flexible. Recommend 57 My Rec ommendation for vimdiff. My Recommendation for vimdiff. Compare up to 4 files together side-by-side. Not for people who are not used to vim. Elias Van Ootegem's Experience. Terminal based. Vim has quite a learning curve. ImmaculatePrabhasa's Experience. Versatile and extendable. Mouse-free interface. Helpful to people who work a lot inside the terminal.

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Recommend 42 9. My Rec ommendation for p4merge. My Recommendation for p4merge. All 7. Can't diff directories. License: Free. Cross-platform with a good Mac port. Also has image diffing. Detects minimal changes without having a common ancestor. Recommend 34 My Rec ommendation for WinMerge. My Recommendation for WinMerge. Good navigation. Development is spotty. Platforms: Windows. Only available for Windows. Lightweight, quick startup. Folder comparison. Patch creation.

Filter results given file type. Open source. Scratchpad mode. Compiled only for Win. Recommend 22 6. My Rec ommendation for DiffMerge. My Recommendation for DiffMerge. All 3. Three way merges. Folder compare. My Rec ommendation for CodeCompare. My Recommendation for CodeCompare. Integrated into Visual Studio. Only for Windows.

Beyond Compare

Dev platforms: Windows. Three-way comparison and automatic merging. Free version is limited. Offers free version and paid for version. My Rec ommendation for Kaleidoscope.

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My Recommendation for Kaleidoscope. Great user interface. Richard D.

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Titus's Experience. Platforms: Mac. Lots of integrations. Does not work - crashes. Simple UI. Paid software. Three-way file merge. Not free. Diff within a line. Mac OS X only. Image difference viewer. This is a great solution for developers, programmers, writers, or anyone else who works with code, scripts, or plain text documents frequently and wants an easy way to check for differences in two text files while staying in the familiar GUI.

For our purposes here of finding and comparing differences in two files, the free version of BBEdit will get the job done. You can compare differences in any compatible text files side-by-side with BBEdit using this approach. Do you know of another approach to find differences in text files and compare them? Share in the comments below! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

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Enter your email address below:. Ah, I see that Beyond Compare will do this nicely. I went to their site and I can only download the trial version. Looking at the about screen, my copy is good for 30 days.

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  6. BBedit remains free after the 30 day limit has expired, but it has a somewhat limited feature-set compared to the full version that is paid for. At the end of the evaluation period, you can continue to use BBEdit for free, forever, with no nag screens or unsolicited interruptions. In the best tradition of TextWrangler, using BBEdit in free mode costs you nothing, while providing an upgrade path to advanced features and capabilities.

    Imagine reading through a large snippet with all that. They will make it a paid upgrade anyway, so why should they care? As well as lots of other goodies and works the same on a PC. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.