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My current total storage need is approximately 2.

These External Sound Cards Take Your Computer’s Audio Quality to the Next Level

I had to leave some of my more esoteric albums off the iCloud drive to fit under the 2TB size limit. All your Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, and PowerPoint presentations are automatically stored there and are available for collaboration between users. Amazon's Drive allows you to upload up to songs for free. I currently use Apple's iCloud because I've been deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem from the first-generation iPod, but Amazon's value proposition is compelling.

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I am strongly considering making the switch. If anyone out there has made the switch, I'd love to hear about your experience in the Comments section. Playback Software Once you have begun to build your hi-res audio library, how do you play the files in a way that maintains their high bit and sample rate?

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The VLC player can be downloaded here. Why not just use iTunes?

Some hi-res file formats like AIFF may be played by iTunes but will not be at their native hi-res rates. I suppose you could also count Bluetooth as the fourth way, but I'm not convinced that, even with A2DP negotiating between the transmitter and receiver the best CODEC available, you aren't losing audible quality in the wireless transmission.

Any of the above three connections ensures output of your audio files at the full resolution. Options one and two are still in the digital domain, so you will need to convert the signal to analog before sending it along its path that ultimately leads to your analog ears. Just remember to make certain that the DAC supports the highest quality files in your catalog. The next component in line is either your preamp or integrated amp. My setup includes a tube preamp that has both a headphone output and individual right and left line-level RCA outputs, which then feed either my tube or solid-state amplifier I have one of each.

Either amp then leads to my loudspeakers. If I'm listening through headphones, they are fed directly from my preamp. My Results I am enjoying incredible results using my Mac as a hi-res server.

M-Audio Audiophile USB

When listening to the same song, switching only the file resolution, the iTunes files sounded flat and one-dimensional. Don't believe me? I recently read an excellent open-access paper on our ability to hear differences with high-resolution audio that can be found here. Do these players offer an improvement over a basic standard-res player? Yes, but remember that your environment and choice of headphones will impact your ability to hear all the differences.

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Final Thoughts Of course, there are a lot of excellent hi-res digital audio players on the market that would make a great addition to your gear rack, if you prefer a dedicated component. The best sound card will enhance your audio quality, providing rich tones, deep basses, and unrivalled depth.

Best Sound Cards: 10 Picks for Gamers and Audiophiles

Sound enticing? Take a look at the ratings and features to find the perfect sound card for you. The Asus Xonar powers up your gaming experience with immersive 3D audio effects and 5. Plus, it comes with an automatic jack-sensing panel, audio adjustments, and a powerful HD sound processor. A fantastic option for gamers and audio enthusiasts. Looking for a simple plug-and-play USB sound card that amplifies your gaming headset experience?

The HyperX Amp is the answer! It boasts 7. The HT Omega Claro is the best 7. Install in your gaming rig to take your experience to a whole new level. Looking for a simple external sound card that works great for PCs and laptops? The Micolindun Sound Card has a dedicated audio chip that can transform a standard USB port into a high-powered audio output device. Experience stellar sound quality with this simple plug-and-play device! Creative Labs is known for their powerful sound processors, and the BlasterX G5 is no exception. It offers native 7.

Make waves with this attractive offering that includes a backlit volume control and sleek design.

follow link It easily transforms a USB port into a headset and mic jack for easy connectivity. Perfect for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. The StarTech 5. It features 5. The small design fits into most builds and supports up to 48kHz and bit sampling. A great option for performance and affordability. The Sound Blaster Play! It works with PC or Mac and upgrades your sound system to a bit, 96kHz performance powerhouse!

Are you a true audiophile? A sound card is a printed circuit board that supplies the input and output of audio waves, aka sound, on a computer or electronic device. Sound cards can be either internal or external to the motherboard, but they all function to provide audio to the end user. Integrated sound cards built into the motherboard are usually of lesser quality than external or replacement options.

However, many of the best gaming motherboards have started utilizing higher quality cards for enhanced performance and an immersive experience out of the box. Sound cards function as internal expansion boards.


There are also newer options that allow you to plug in a USB or similar connector to receive the same benefits of a sound card directly attached to your motherboard. This provides extra flexibility and makes it easy for everyday users to experience enhanced audio. The best sound cards are used in a variety of situations from everyday computing, to listening to music, to gaming in cinematic quality.