Mac lion reinstall disk locked

Thank you. Disk Utility. I erased my hard drive, then tried to download Lion.. Satcomer In Geostationary Orbit.

Using Disk Utility to unlock or decrypt your FileVault 2-encrypted boot drive

What did you format that hard drive? Satcomer said:. DeltaMac Tech.

Boot to your Lion Recovery partition again. Open Disk Utility. You said that you already erased the partition. So, to reset that partition and fix that locked issue click on the hard drive the line with manufacturer's info , then click the Partition tab. Click the drop down to change partition type to 1 Partition, give it a name, if you like, and click the Apply button. That will recreate your partition - properly. DeltaMac said:. What happens when you try the partition?

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Please give more details than just " It won't even let me get another partition. Aha now re-installing Thank you!! Reactions: keysofanxiety.

What to do if the Recovery HD is locked?

Jul 30, 1 0. Ah that's looking better! That should be the default setting anyway. Once it's formatted it'll be able to reinstall macOS from there. Ramkrish macrumors newbie.

Restore Imac - Macbook (Recovery HD) (10.7-10.10) (Restore Mac OSX From ANY Software Issue - Crash)

Jan 26, 1 0. Nelebelle macrumors newbie. Jan 29, 1 0. I had this issue.

HELP!!!!! Stuck in Disk Utility, No OS, Hardrive locked. | Mac Support

Thank you! Nikko macrumors newbie. Apr 17, 1 0. Jun 9, 1 0. Nikko said:.

Disk Locked; cannot Re-install Osx

Atalay macrumors newbie. Dec 17, 1 0. View attachment Atalay said:. Where does it say startup? Jan 8, 3 0. I have a very similar problem. I was using my macbook pro and it froze so I turned it off, been having issues ever since. I get the kernel panic error, I am able to start up in Internet Recovery, but I'm not sure where to go from there. I don't have any back ups to use and I don't want to lose all of the stuff I have stored on my HD. Is there any way to resolve the issue without losing all of my stuff?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! You may also like. Analyze your memory usage, with Activity Monitor 5 months ago. About the author.

Tried reinstalling High Sierra, but says the disk is locked. How do I fix this?

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