Patti labelle over the rainbow mac and cheese recipe

Creamy Crockpot Mac and Cheese

Save on Pinterest. Tweet this. Grace Mannon Updated: Aug. It's said that the only thing Aretha Franklin loves as much as soul music is soul food. Taste of Home. This copycat recipe would be perfect for a holiday. In her biography, Aretha mentions loving banana pudding. This recipe yields a great one with a made-from-scratch pudding mixture.

Patti Labelle Homemade Mac and Cheese

Since the Queen of Soul loves soul food, fried chicken is something she must relish. In the same interview, Aretha also mentioned hot water cornbread as a food she loved, and since she surely slathers it with butter, this version would be a hit with her!

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Franklin shared her recipe for Chicken Italiano with Martha Stewart. It consists of chicken pieces from a whole bird, tomato sauce, and fresh rosemary and comes together quickly and easily, just like this recipe does.

Aretha can branch out too! Ham-infused black-eyed peas are the epitome of soul food. Use a smoked ham hock or take the shortcut and use regular ham like this recipe does. Cornflakes are a wonderful replacement for bread crumbs in a batch of meat loaf, and Aretha knows it!

Auntie Fee's Dumb Good Mac and Cheese

Then I just threw in everything but the pasta and stirred it up. Once the pasta was al dente which means a little under cooked it will still be somewhat firm or chewy I strained it and threw it in and stirred.

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Print It Now! Course: Slow Cooker. Author : Kelley Miss Information Blog.

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Ingredient List. Pepper 1 box of pasta noodles your choice cooked to al dente. Put your water on to boil and cook your noodles till al dente.

How to Make the Cheesiest Macaroni & Cheese

Comments I don't think I have ever heard of putting eggs in a Mac and cheese dish before and am wondering if you can tell they are in there and what they add to the dish. I would love to try some marscarpone cheese in it too! Food day at work so this seems like a winner. How many servings does it make?


I have a question though: What would I have to do to make this in the oven? I want to make it a little faster but I don't want to ruin it! You referenced your favorite recipe but I couldn't quite find it. Hey Veronica, it's Patti Labelle's mac and cheese, If you click on the blue link where I say my favorite mac and cheese I've linked it there and it will take you to it.

I am someone who doesn't like mustard AT ALL so I try to stay away from anything that says mustard but I feel like it might be what I am missing in my recipes.. Can you actually taste the ground mustard or is it more like an unnoticed flavor that it needs? Sorry for commenting out of no where.. I have no idea when this was posted! Hi Cheryl, no you don't get a mustard taste at all it just works as an acid to balance the dish. You won't even realize it's in there. Comments and questions on any post are always welcomed and answered!

Love your recipes!!!

How to Make the Cheesiest Macaroni & Cheese | Chickens in the Road

Thanks first for that! I am guessing low, but wanted to ask! Oh thanks Brook, I need to clean this one up and add back in the missing picture! It is low thanks for asking so I know to update it! Looks yummy! Have you ever tried putting the noodles in uncooked? No I have not but if you do please come back and tell me if it worked! Hey Fagen, sorry I have not responded before now, there was a glitch and a bunch of comments went to my trash can. I used a 6 qt crockpot. This looks soooooooooooo yummy, I can't wait to give this a try. It's so going on my menu for next week :.