How to share programs with other users on mac

Of course, you probably don't want to do this to your user account, but you may be examining a Mac when someone else, such as one of your children, is the current user. The Login Items tab shows a list of apps that launch when you log into or start up this Mac.

Remove any apps by selecting them in the list and clicking the - icon. As I said above, administrators can change any settings on the Mac. Only administrators can access locked preference panes; to do so, click the padlock at the bottom of the window then enter your administrator's password. Standard users are limited only in their ability to change certain settings and access system files. Otherwise, each standard user has full access to the files in their home folder — the one with the house icon and their username — and can change any settings in System Preferences that apply to their personal use of the Mac.

How to Screen Share on Mac

Enter the user's full name, then an account name — it's best that this is an abbreviated name — then enter a password and enter it again in the Verify field. If you wish to have a password hint, something to remind the user of their password in case they forget it, you can enter that as well. Click Create User, and the Mac will create a new account, and a new home folder, for that user. They will be able to log in and access their files. This type of account is designed for children.

How to Move & Share Files Between User Accounts in OS X

If you select Managed with Parental Controls from the New Account menu in the new account sheet, you will see a menu allowing you to select an age. Each of these ages correspond to built-in parental controls in apps like iTunes. Once you have selected an age, proceed as above for a standard user account. After the account is created, select it in the list of users and check Enable parental controls. Next, click Open Parental Controls, and enter your password.

User Account Types: Who Controls Your Mac?

You have a number of options for limiting what your children can access. A sharing only user account allows a user to access specific shared folders on your Mac. If you use your Mac for file sharing at home or at work, you may want to create accounts for users so they can access files on the computer but do nothing else.

How to share a virtual machine between users in Mac OS

Other users on the computer will be able to open files in your Public folder, but they will not be able to edit or delete those files. Only the owner of a Public folder can edit and delete.

If that user shared files in his Public folder, you will be able to see them there. There is one last way to quickly transfer files between two user accounts. Think of the Drop Box as a mailbox.

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However, just like a physical mailbox, you will not be able to access that file again once it is in the Drop Box. Remember that once the file is in there, you cannot access it anymore. A user with this type of account cannot login, let alone edit anything on your Mac. There are times when someone requests one-off access to your Mac, say, to check their email or to look up something on the web.

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If that fails, well, you can bring out the guest user account. Check the box for Allow guests to log in to this computer to do so. Of course, the guest user gets a warning prompt first. What shows up next is a brand new desktop — the kind you got when you first set up your Mac. The dock, menu bar, keyboard shortcuts, stock apps, and so on are all in their default state. Check out these awesome methods for customizing your Mac theme and more.

Read More with custom wallpapers, icons, iCloud settings, and so on. A Standard user cannot make tweaks that will affect anything more than his experience of the macOS desktop.

Removing apps that he has not installed or disabling an antivirus program, for example. Those tweaks need admin privileges. But how can you possibly remember Try kilobytes. For many of us that represents time, effort, and expertise we may not have. This makes it imperative that each user develop some space-saving habits, such as:. Here are several ways to free up space on Mac and reclaim your drive space!

Sharing Files and Programs in Mac OS 9 - dummies

Read More and then do it. At this point, a fresh dialog box drops down. The first thing you need to do here is pick the type of account you want to create from the New Account drop-down menu. We have discussed account types above, so you know what your options are. Ignore the Group menu option for now. The next part is easy — fill in the required fields in the dialog box and click on the big blue Create User button.