Windows 7 64 bit on mac pro 1.1

I recommend testing first, using the two-finger dance approach, below, because rebooting without it gets you right back into bit mode.

running Windows 7, 64-bit on my Mac Pro, using Boot Camp

Hold down the '6' and '4' keys when the Mac starts up until the Apple log. Update: Apple has added a command line setting for enabling the bit kernel. You can open a Terminal window and type:. Use a plain-text editor, such as Text Wrangler. Open a Terminal window and enter this command:.

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Previous Next Sort by votes. Jan 29, 0 4, I got this idea while working at my school and coming across some unused macpro workstations not for sale, im guessing, but quite affordable online I found out these are dual-processor workstations, so I wanna know what the community here thinks: could an upgraded mac pro 1.

Nov 20, 3, 2 26, Start with the memory: Look online to find " But it's likely not a cost effective way to build a hackintosh gaming pc vs. Aug 6, 39 2 1, 6. I just run windows 7 on mine. Then I had to do an upgrade and the OSX lion wasn't supported any more. El Capitan had compatibility issues.

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The pain was getting windows 7 64 bit installed, but I figured that out. Now what I did to get it to work is to set up the hard drive on a PC, then I launched a command prompt as an administrator, then I typed: cd sysprep then I executed sysprep. I plugged in a standard pcie sata controller and upgraded my eide cdrom to a sata. Ask Question.

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Provide us more details about your computer and software. Thanks, but this seems to be for a newer version of OS X, which is what I don't want. Do I just have to follow that, then it will be able to boot bit? Your question says "any bit OS".